Charles Robertson

I first came to Hong Kong when I was in my mid 20s on a two month contract. I was freelancing in the U.K. on residential and corporate projects, and somewhat stumbled into hospitality work. I joined Paul in 1987 and we formed LRF shortly afterwards.

As a U.K.-trained interior designer, I was immediately drawn to Asia’s hotels. The incredible opulence here was something I had never experienced before; it seems that each client is trying to out do the previous one. I like Asia, and Hong Kong in particular. The city has a “can do” mentality and vibrancy unlike any other place.

Over time, as our clients began venturing into China, we went along with them. We are very lucky to have enjoyed a continuous stream of work. It takes a long time to build up trust in Asia. Hand in hand with creation of interiors, I believe that it is important to understand the personalities involved in projects. Relationships are something I value just as much as beautiful spaces.

The hotel industry is constantly changing. I feel that the most important constant of any project is understanding scale. Luxury isn’t always about size; it’s about comfort. We at LRF want to have a sense of belonging even though we may be only staying one night. I hope that all of our projects achieve that goal through design.

Chairman  Hong Kong